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Meet Kelly - EMPOWERED AGING: Female Entrepreneur

Welcome to our EMPOWERED AGING: Female Entrepreneurs Series that features women in our ORESTA community that are shifting the narrative surrounding aging while leading intentionally and boldly in business!

Meet Kelly, who embodies the spirit of community and sustainability in her business. As the founder of Trove, a women's consignment boutique in the heart of Hintonburg, she has created more than just a store; she has cultivated a supportive community of women who empower each other to feel and look their best. Despite the demands of running a business and being a mother to two young boys, Kelly's energy and passion shine through in everything she does. Her commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in Trove's focus on recycling clothing and promoting conscious consumerism. Kelly prioritizes self-care and seeks simplicity and effectiveness in her skincare routine, which led her to ORESTA to seek skin care that align with her values. With her sparkling eyes and dynamic personality, Kelly's vivacity is contagious.

Tell us about your journey and how your business has evolved over time.
I opened the doors to Trove in the summer of 2017. Two babies and one pandemic later, Trove has evolved from a one woman show (I still look back on those days and literally have no idea how I managed to it all by myself) to a thriving business with a team of 6 amazing women without whom I would never survive.
What is the most rewarding part of your entrepreneurial journey?
Realizing that I have created a space for women to be themselves. Whether you work at Trove or shop there, our hope is that when you leave, you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin than when you arrived. We try our hardest to help each person that walks through our doors see themselves as the beautiful, confident human the rest of the world sees. It is amazing how impactful a great outfit can be when it comes to increasing our levels of confidence. 
What is the most difficult part of your entrepreneurial journey?
My entrepreneurial journey has changed over the years. In the beginning, the main source of my stress was praying that someone would come through those doors and buy something. I am proud to say that thought almost never enters my mind anymore. A new stress that comes with building a successful business is realizing that you cannot possibly succeed on your own unless you clone yourself and work 24/7. Creating a supportive team and environment has not only been one of my biggest stresses, but it has also been one of the most rewarding parts of my journey.
What do you love about getting older?
Finally learning what it means to LET GO. I no longer stress the trivial things that would have once thrown me into a tailspin. I have a much more comprehensive understanding of the value of life and what a blessing it is to get older.
What advice would you give your younger self as a woman/ as an entrepreneur?
Enjoy the process and don’t worry so much! Capitalize on the quiet times/seasons by completing tasks that you don’t have time to do in the busy months. Better yet, take those moments to just relax, go on a vacation or read a good book instead of just sitting there worrying.
What is your go-to beauty product?
Sunscreen and anything that helps make me look less tired.
What Empowered Aging means to you?
Finally having the confidence to truly be myself while at the same time no longer under valuing myself. I know my worth and what I bring to the table, and I no longer worry about not being enough. Be yourself and don’t ever apologize for it

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