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Life Lessons For My Daughter

My daughter Kalyna just turned 16. There are so many life lessons that I want to share with her, lessons that I wish that I had known at her age.

1. Don't compromise yourself for anyone.

2. Dream big. Be brave. Don't be afraid to shine bright.

3. Embrace adversity. It will teach you valuable life lessons. See failure as an opportunity in disguise.

4. Laugh often.

5. Learn to accept a compliment as well as a criticism.

6. Don't rely on someone else to make you happy.

7. If you have to break a heart, do it with kindness.

8. Collect memories, not things.

9. I will always be on your side.

10. Don't go to bed without washing your face.

Having struggled with acne, I have been diligent about teaching my daughter about the importance of skin health, proper skin care and clean beauty. Although there have been eye rolls and she has 'non-clean beauty' makeup in her makeup bag, I am pleased that some of my lessons have stuck and that she has healthy beauty favourites that are a part of her skin care routine.

Eminence's Stone Crop Gel Wash is a deep cleansing yet gentle non-foaming cleanser that heals, hydrates, nourishes, calms and evens out skin discolouration.

Eminence's Clean Skin Probiotic Masque soothes and cools the skin while controlling breakouts and encouraging healing. Perfect for applying overnight on breakouts.

Province Apothecary's Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate is an oil serum spot treatment that heals blemishes without harsh, drying or irritating ingredients. One drop is all you need.


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