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Meet Janet - EMPOWERED AGING: Female Entrepreneur

Welcome to EMPOWERED AGING: Our Female Entrepreneurs Series that features women in our ORESTA community that are shifting the narrative surrounding aging while leading intentionally and boldly in business!

Janet is the founder, creator and operator of Apothecary Kitchen. If you haven't tried her small-batch broths or tonics, run don't walk. Janet has combined her passion for healthy living and enjoying delicious, nutritious broths to create Apothecary Kitchen. Today she is sharing her journey as an entrepreneur, her thoughts on empowered aging and her all-time favourite skin care product. 

Anytime we see Janet, she brightens our day. She radiates kindness and warmth and her story inspires us face fears, believe in ourselves and shoot for the moon!

Tell us about your journey and how your business has evolved over time:

Apothecary Kitchen was created during covid because of my love for bone broth. At the time I was buying my broth in Toronto from my friend and mentor Alex from Ripe Nutrition. When everything shut down and I couldn’t travel to Toronto to pick it up anymore I decided to try my hand at it…the idea came to me so clearly one day. After chatting about it with Alex for her blessing and then asking my friend Ashley to help with everything else, Apothecary Kitchen was born. It has been an incredible journey so far with lots of support along the way from so many incredible people. I look forward to what the future holds for us.


What is the most rewarding part of your entrepreneurial journey?

The most rewarding is the people I get to connect with and who support AK! The most challenging is that there aren't enough hours in the day.


What do you love about getting older? 

I love that I am able to be more present, I am truly grateful for that.


What don't you like about getting older?

I can’t think of anything, I’m just trying to embrace it all!


What advice would you give your younger self as a woman/ as an entrepreneur?

That anything is possible, the sky is the limit. Believe in yourself, be confident! Make more time for self care, it’s soooo important


What is your go-to beauty product?

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever I love, love, love it!


What Empowered Aging mean to you?

Embracing where I am at. That beauty comes from within. Don’t be afraid to shine your light. Aging is a blessing!!

Thank you Janet for being a part of this project!

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