Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage

We are very excited to introduce our Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage Series at all 3 ORESTA locations!

The Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage which includes Buccal (intra-oral) Massage is referred to as the Facelift Without Surgery, but on a much deeper level.

The massage focuses on facial muscles on the face and inside the mouth. The massage works on a deeper level as it not only firms, lifts and sculpts the face but also releases deep patterns of emotional and physical tension. The results are profound! 


  • deep relaxation of facial muscles and softening of wrinkles
  • lymphatic drainage to flush toxins and stagnation resulting in a healthy glow
  • strengthening, toning and sculpting without injectables
  • plumping of skin
  • firming of jawline, reduction of jowls
  • relief of muscle and jaw tension and pain (TMJ)
  • reduction of puffiness and congestion in the skin
  • reduction of sinus congestion
  • acne
  • sensitive skin
  • pregnancy
  • dental issues
  • illness
  • herpes
  • thyroid disease
  • lymphatic disorders
  • recent Botox or fillers 

As results are cumulative, for optimum results, The Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage treatment will only be offered as a Series. We will be accepting a limited number of clients for the Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage Series at each location so that are able to accommodate our existing clientele.  Clients will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted when the next series begins.

The Facial Sculpting + Lifting Series will be completed over a 9 to 10 week period:

Week 1: Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial 
Week 2: Facial Sculpting Massage 
Week 3: Facial Sculpting Massage 
Week 4: Facial Sculpting Massage 
Week 5: Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial 
Week 6: Facial Sculpting Massage 
Week 7: Facial Sculpting Massage 
Week 8: Facial Sculpting Massage 
Week 9: Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial 

COST: $1,425
($1,575 with Oresta)

Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial includes a Holistic Facial and a Facial Sculpting and Intra-Oral Massage (80 min) 

Facial Sculpting Massage includes the facial sculpting and intra-oral massage (50 min)

Prepare to be amazed with the results of the Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage Series!!!


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