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Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage

We are very excited to introduce our Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage Series at both ORESTA locations! When you want to relieve tension in your face and jaw and improve your complexion, a facial sculpting massage may be perfect for you. This unique massage facial uses natural face lifting techniques and gentle massaging to drain the lymphatic system to improve the appearance of your skin.

The Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage which includes Buccal (intra-oral) Massage is referred to as the Facelift Without Surgery, but on a much deeper level. Skip needles and injectable fillers with a lifting facial massage. Read on to learn more about what a facial sculpting massage entails and the benefits of this massage technique.

What is a Facial Sculpting Massage

The buccal massage focuses on facial muscles on the face and inside the mouth. The massage works on a deeper level as it not only firms, lifts and sculpts the face but also releases deep patterns of emotional and physical tension. The results are profound! 

A face lifting massage is not your average facial. It focuses on facial contouring and deep pressure that can influence your blood flow and face shape. While it can also be a relaxing experience, it focuses more on what’s going on under your skin. However, the massage can also help you achieve glowing skin because of the lymphatic drainage that occurs.

Benefits of a facial massage with lifting techniques:

  • deep relaxation of facial muscles and softening of wrinkles
  • lymphatic drainage to flush toxins and stagnation resulting in a healthy glow
  • strengthening, toning and sculpting without injectables
  • plumping of skin
  • firming of jawline, reduction of jowls
  • relief of muscle and jaw tension and pain (TMJ)
  • reduction of puffiness and congestion in the skin
  • reduction of sinus congestion

Because of the  nature of a facial sculpting massage, some individuals should not receive this treatment. For example, if you have a sensitive skin type or certain diseases, you should not receive a buccal massage and instead opt for a more gentle facial.


  • acne
  • sensitive skin
  • pregnancy
  • dental issues
  • illness
  • herpes
  • thyroid disease
  • lymphatic disorders
  • recent Botox or dermal fillers 

As you can imagine, adding a facial sculpting massage to your skin care routine can be extremely beneficial to your complexion. Whether you want to improve your anti-aging regimen or want to expand upon your at home treatment plan to enhance your complexion, this type of massage can help.

Sculpting Facial Massage Near Me

Ready to find a sculpting facial massage near you? Oresta offers Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage treatment at all of our locations. But before you book, it’s important to note a few important things about this type of facial massage.

As results are cumulative, for optimum results, The Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage treatment will only be offered as a Series. We will be accepting a limited number of clients for the Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage Series at each location so that we are able to accommodate our existing clientele.  Clients will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted when the next series begins.

Keeping up with your facial sculpting massage treatment plan is the best way to experience its benefits in the long term. After your first lifting facial massage, you may notice a brighter complexion and less puffiness. But only over time can you truly see your face shape change for the better as your lymphatic system is continuously drained and your skin begins to become more firm.

Here is a breakdown of how a facial sculpting massage treatment plan works with Oresta.

The Facial Sculpting + Lifting Series will be completed over a 9 to 10 week period:

Week 1: Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial 

Week 2: Facial Sculpting Massage 

Week 3: Facial Sculpting Massage 

Week 4: Facial Sculpting Massage 

Week 5: Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial 

Week 6: Facial Sculpting Massage 

Week 7: Facial Sculpting Massage 

Week 8: Facial Sculpting Massage 

Week 9: Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial 

COST: $1,425 ($1,575 with Oresta)

Facial Sculpting + Lifting Facial includes a Holistic Facial and a Facial Sculpting and Intra-Oral Massage (80 min) 

Facial Sculpting Massage includes the facial sculpting and intra-oral massage (50 min)

Prepare to be amazed with the results of the Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage Series!!!

Ready to try your first facial sculpting massage and change your complexion for the better? Learn more about ORESTA Facial Sculpting Treatment or contact your nearest ORESTA spa today to book your appointment.

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