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Empowered Aging REALFLUENCER: Meet Selena

We'd like to introduce you to another one of our REALFLUENCERS Selena.

Ten years ago when Selena first visited ORESTA, she was struggling with hormonal acne. Wanting to clear up her acne naturally, she was diligent about incorporating an organic skin care routine with regular holistic facials.

We have known Selena through so many stages - from getting married to becoming a mother of two beautiful children. She widely promotes clean beauty and has gotten family and friends on board with her.  Her kindness, huge smile and big heart are infectious. 

What is your age? 31

What do you love about getting older? I love learning more about myself. I love looking back and feeling more confident in who I am as a person. I love that certain friendships are never ending, kindness is beautiful and supporting one another can feel so empowering.


What don’t you like about getting older? I don't really love that the beauty industry has lent a hand in making it something women should almost fear or resent. Like aging makes you less beautiful somehow or less vibrant. If you speak to anyone as they age, I'm sure they'll tell you some version of how they do feel youthful regardless of their age and their vibrancy shows in their smiles. That it's not about physical appearances at all.


What is your evening skin care routine? I love the Essential Lipids Oil Cleanser by Laurel. I use it to clean my face and take off my makeup. I use the Calendula Hydrosol next and then follow that up with a serum. I've been a long time fan of the Unburden Serum by Laurel but recently I've been branching out to the Dewy Bean Dream by LILFOX. Sometimes I use the Recovery Balm at the end, I come back to that one again and again.


What is the one thing you do that has changed your skin? This is a tough one to answer! I really struggled with acne as a teenager, and even sometimes now. I've tried many things over the years but I think slowly making the switch to clean beauty products has really made a difference. Finding Oresta and realizing there were companies out there that were pouring their hearts and souls into making beautiful products from plants and oils that could be used to benefit skin was really eye opening and amazing to me. I loved looking up these companies and learning about their process, finding them on social media and understanding the science behind skin care even. I never knew this world even existed. Oresta's facials also became something that I loved, for my skin but also to connect with the people that have come to know me for years, helping me choose the right products for my skin. I think, too, being mindful of different foods, reading ingredients and understanding a bit more about how they affect your body.


What is your favourite skin care product? Also a tough one! I do really love trying new products but I tend to go back to certain products time and time again. The Essential Lipids Oil by Laurel has become something I reach for everyday.


What advice would you give to your younger self? Oh, to be kinder to myself. I wish society wasn't so critical of young women/people in general. I hope to work on modelling this a bit more for my kids. I want them to celebrate who they are, be resilient and successful but appreciate themselves for themselves without feeling like they have to change something about who they are to please someone or something else.


Tell us something about yourself that many don’t know or share your proudest moment. Marrying my best friend.


What is your philosophy on empowered aging? I think I'd like to cherish getting older. Being able to look back on your life when you're 80 and reflect on the relationships you've made along the way, the sense of accomplishment you felt, the growth of your own being... kind of leads me to believe that getting older is a beautiful thing. And I realize life isn't always kind and wonderful but the sadness and struggle I think is also a part of growing, realizing the support of the people closest to you and also the strength within yourself. Each wrinkle that develops on your face takes time; time spent with friends and family. Which leads me to wonder why we're truly so concerned with erasing time after all.


Finish this sentence “I feel most beautiful when…” I feel most beautiful when I'm surrounded by the people that I love :)

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