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Empowered Aging REALFLUENCER: Meet Emily


Emily is a local beekeeper and owner of TrueBee Honey. We call her our Queen Bee. 

Her infectious energy radiates positivity, casting a brightness wherever she goes. She is a loving mom of three and an ardent supporter of local businesses, tirelessly uplifting, promoting and empowering women in our community. She is also one of the nicest women you'll ever meet.

Emily has embarked on a personal health journey to overcome Lyme disease, displaying immense strength and resilience. With her unwavering passion and dedication, Emily stands as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the transformative power of love, determination, and community.

What do you love about getting older?
I love that every year I grow more comfortable and confident in my own skin. While I might not LOVE all my flaws or imperfections, I do have a whole new level of acceptance and appreciation for my uniqueness. I truly believe that whatever age I am, it’s the perfect age. Each year is special and perfect in its own way because I will only live it once. It truly is the life in our years that count, not the years in our life! When I started owning my own standard of beauty, I started owning and enjoying my life in a whole new way.
What don’t you like about getting older?
Growing older is a privilege denied to many. Every trip we get around the sun should be celebrated for the gift of life it is. Unfortunately, many women fear aging and dread turning another year older. I don’t like that the prevalent message today around aging is still that a women’s value and inherent worth are somehow intrinsically linked her being ageless. There is still enormous pressure to conform to society’s unrealistic beauty standard. Also, my knees hurt. ;)
What is your evening skin care routine?
Wash my face, toner (Hydrating Elixir II), serum, oil (Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Oil x2/week) + gua sha or facial dry brushing 1-2x/week. 8 hours of beauty sleep.
What is the one thing you do that has changed your skin? Practising radical self love. Cutting out inflammatory seed oils and processed sugars. Eating more nutrient dense organic foods, including juicing and adding more protein and collagen rich foods. Also, using a skin toner every day!!!


What is your favourite skin care product? At the moment I'm loving my Laurel Hydrating Elixir Toner II- I spray it on several times a day and just the act of taking moments throughout to use it throughout the day feels luxurious and feminine! My skin also loves especially the soothing qualities of the toner!

What advice would you give to your younger self? Wear sunscreen on your face and décolleté religiously and be your own kind of beautiful. Trust your inner knowing and be unapologetically you.

Tell us something about yourself that many don’t know or share your proudest moment. I was chronically ill with Lyme for years and recently healed my self using BVT (bee venom treatment!)

What is your philosophy on empowered aging? Embracing our natural beauty is the most empowering way to set ourselves free from the impossible beauty standard of perfection and anti-aging. Celebrating radiant beauty and setting our own beauty standard at every age is how we take our power back! Own your beauty. Own your life.

Finish this sentence “I feel most beautiful when…” I’m unapologetically living my life in alignment with my truths and values.

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