Beginner + Advanced FACIAL GUA SHA + ROLLING Workshops

August 31, 2019

Beginner + Advanced FACIAL GUA SHA + ROLLING Workshops

Gua sha and face rollers have taken the beauty world by storm. 

In January of 2018, we introduced Gua Sha and Facial Rolling into our Holistic Facial Treatment. The lifting, firming, wrinkle-smoothing and tension-releasing results after only one treatment were profound. In the spring, we offered Gua Sha and Rolling workshops to create a home care routine that would  elevate our clients results. The workshops sold out quickly but rather than repeat them, we decided to spent the next 15 months developing protocols and sourcing gua sha and rolling tools to address specific skin concern.

We are excited to introduce our BEGINNER and ADVANCED Gua Sha and Facial Rolling training workshops. 

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese Medicine technique that involves the gentle press-stroking of a small stone or gemstone tool to massage and stimulate various energy points on the face, forehead, jaw and neck. It increases blood flow, improves lymphatic drainage, releases tension and toxins, reduces puffiness and inflammation, breaks up scar tissue and promotes firm, healthy, glowing skin.  

You can find gua shas and rollers sold all over the internet and youtubers performing confusing and misleading tutorials.  We are here to demystify the misinformation and teach you how to best incorporate these skin care tools for a clear, firm and radiant complexion. 

We are excited to present the BEGINNER Gua Sha and Facial Rolling Workshop: September 15th or 16th. They will be followed by ADVANCED Workshops which will address a variety of skin care concerns with unique gemstone Gua Sha and Facial Roller tools.

Our BEGINNER Facial Gua Sha and Face Rolling Workshop is a hands-on tutorial where we will teach you how to effectively incorporate an easy to learn sequence of strokes to dramatically elevate the results of your skin care routine at home.

We have incorporated the Rainbow Flourite Gua Sha and Spiked Jade Roller (as featured above) into the BEGINNER workshop: We have personally sourced these high quality genuine gemstone tools which are MUST HAVE's to firm and plump the skin, redefine the jawline, reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and release tension.

BEGINNER Facial Gua Sha and Face Rolling Workshop
   includes Rainbow Flourite Gua Sha and Spiked Jade Roller 

If you have experienced a Holistic Facial at ORESTA, you will understand the efficacy of the tools. If you have not, prepare to be amazed. 



BEGINNER Gua Sha & Facial Rolling Workshop:


Sunday, September 15    4pm
Monday, September 16   6pm 

Upon completion of the Beginner Workshop, you can sign up for any of our ADVANCED Gua Sha & Facial Rolling Workshops. Each workshop will incorporate a sequence of strokes and a tool  that will address each specific area of concern.

ADVANCED Gua Sha & Facial Rolling Workshop SCHEDULE:

Tuesday, October 10th . 6:00pm      - Forehead, Cheek, Jaw, Neck + Décolleté 

Tuesday, October 10th  7:30pm .     - Eye Lift, Frown + Upper Lip Lines

Tuesday, October 15th . 6:00pm      - Scars + Sun Damage

Tuesday, October 15th  7:30pm .     - Hair + Scalp

Wednesday, October 23rd  6:00pm  - Rosacea + Sensitive Skin

Monday, October 28th  6:00pm .      - Body Cellulite

Stay tuned for exciting details about the ADVANCED workshops. 

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