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A Poem for Earth Day

On Earth Day, let's stand together and proclaim our commitment to protect our home, Earth’s precious domain.
From Kanehsatake Mohawk lands in Oka, Quebec, sacred land, where my mother was born, To the indigenous lands we stand on, we must adorn. 
For centuries, these lands have been nurtured with care, By the hands of those who understood their worth and share. Their wisdom teaches us to cherish and defend, The Earth, our home, on which our lives depend. 
Let's heed the call to protect this sacred place, And honor the indigenous guardians with grace. Their connection to the land runs deep and strong, Teaching us the harmony for which we long. 
With open hearts, let's learn from their wisdom profound, Embracing sustainable practices all around. Preserving our resources, reducing our waste, Embracing a future where all life can be embraced. 
Together, let's build a world that's just and fair, Where every voice is heard, and everyone can share. Where Oka's land and indigenous heritage unite, In a tapestry of love and respect, shining bright. 
On this Earth Day, let's remember the power we hold, To protect our planet, to be courageous and bold. For in our collective actions, great change can be found, In the stewardship of our Earth, we are forever bound.
~ Jenny Kenraken Oskenonton 

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