5 Tips To Winter-Proof Your Skin



There is no doubt that winter has arrived. My skin and hair are telling me. It's time to take necessary precautions against dry, dehydrated, itchy and flaky skin. Here are 5 tips to help you winter-proof your skin.

1. Moisturize from within

It doesn’t matter how much water you're consuming. If your diet is deficient in skin-friendly oils and fats, your skin will not retain the water you are drinking. Consume healthy Omega 3 and 6 fats (nuts, fish, hemp, flax, evening primrose and olive oils) to retain moisture in the skin and prevent itchiness.

2. Exfoliate or dry brush the skin

It's easy to create a simple organic coconut oil + sugar/salt scrub for use in the shower or brush your body with a jute dry brush before the shower to maintain soft, smooth skin.

3. Avoid petroleum in your moisturizer and lip balm

We have all at some point been told that petroleum based moisturizers and lip balms will heal our skin and lips and keep them hydrated. The reality is that they do neither. Petroleum is a by-product of the oil industry. This inexpensive ingredient offers the appearance and immediate feel of hydrated skin however in reality, its thick texture merely clogs pores and seals in the dirt.
Instead, opt for products containing skin healing ingredients (beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter) to heal and hydrate.

4. Limit hot baths & showers

It's so tempting to hop into a hot bath or stand under a steaming hot shower to unthaw during these icy cold winter days but remember, heat further exacerbates dehydration (not to mention broken capillaries). I suggest a warm water bath or shower, immediately followed by the application of your favourite nourishing facial or body oil to seal the moisture into the skin.

5. Use a humidifier

Winter offers a double-dose of dry:  the dry air of central heating + the dry outdoor air. As soon as it gets cold, we crank up the furnace resulting in dry heat emanating from the heating ducts. In addition, I spend more time enjoying the outdoors in cold temperatures. Installing a humidifier truly helps combat the dryness of the house or work space. 

Embrace the winter and treat your skin with kindness to maintain soft and well-hydrated skin throughout winter.


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