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Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set

Sculpting + Toning Facial Cupping Set

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Discover the benefits of this effective beauty tool, known to improve the skin's radiance while naturally sculpting and toning.

Traditionally, cupping has been used in China as a healing modality for thousands of years dating back to the Han Dynasty. This facial cupping set - made of high-quality silicone - gently pulls the skin away from deeper layers of fascia, smooths the look of wrinkles and revitalizes the look of skin.

  • Increases elasticity in the face
  • Sculpts, tones, and firms the appearance of sagging skin, reducing the appearance of discolouration and fine lines
  • Reduces the look of puffiness and the appearance of dark circles
  • Rejuvenates the look of dry, dehydrated, and devitalized skin
  • Relaxes facial tension

Directions: Always prep the skin with an oil serum so your cups can glide easily and smoothly. Gently squeeze the cup, apply to the skin and release to create suction. If the suction is too tight, release the cups and squeeze again to glide more easily. It is important to keep the cups moving at all times.

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