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Blissoma Lavish Recovery Beta-Glucan Mask

Blissoma Lavish Recovery Beta-Glucan Mask

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Lavish - Loving Recovery Beta-Glucan Mask is a rich and creamy hydrating mask for dry, stressed, sensitive, inflamed, and mature skin. It contains oatmilk, reishi and maitake mushrooms and cupuacu butter along with potent, liquid herb extracts and unrefined oils to support skin from deep within.

Oatmilk is a moisturizing powerhouse and Beta-glucans are special sugars from oats and mushrooms which penetrate deeply through multiple layers of skin, hydrating,  improving the appearance of redness and reducing inflammation in the skin. Reishi and Maitake mushrooms are another key Beta-glucan source that complement the oats.  Organic St. John's Wort, Astragalus, Self Heal, and Passionflower support and strengthen sensitive skin  Cupuacu butter is an Amazonian rainforest powerhouse for retaining moisture, softening, conditioning, and fortifying skin. 

Organic oils of Baobab, Pomegranate, Perilla, and Pumpkin nourish skin post sun exposure as well as chronic winter dry skin, redness, roughness, and flakiness it improves the appearance of inflammation and fine lines. 

To use: Apply as a face mask for 15-20 minutes and remove with warm water/ warm facecloth. As a leave-on overnight treatment for dry skin, a deep conditioning mask for hair, and a hand and body moisturizing treatment.

Ideal as a post sun treatment. 

2 oz glass jar


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