Facial Balm: Restore Nightly

– Dry / Mature

– 100% Whole Plant Organic

– 27 Beneficial Active Ingredients

– 30ml

Restore Nightly Facial Balm is a waterless, soft, smooth balm that absorbs quickly into the skin. An ideal nighttime moisturizer full of potent, anti-aging, vibrant plants.

This balm features a whole plant blend of CalendulaPomegranateSea BuckthornAstragalusComfreyGotu Kola, and many more to stimulate and lengthen the life of collagen, heal damaged cellular structure, soothe skin, regenerate skin cells, even skin tone, reduce fine lines, and scavenge free radicals. An indulgent, exotic, floral blend of organic and therapeutic grade essential oils of RoseSandalwood, and Myrrh are included to soften, plump, and restore skin.