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What Can I do about my Turkey Neck?

'Turkey neck’ is an unflattering term for loose skin on the neck. 

As we age, our facial and neck muscles begin to weaken and our skin loses elasticity. The sagging skin below the chin results in a double chin or jowls. The accumulation of loose skin below the jawline is compared to the neck of a turkey or the dreaded ´waddle'. 

What to do?

1. Be mindful of your neck posture. Have you heard of 'text neck' or 'text turkey neck'? It's what happens when you spend a great deal of time tilting your head forward to text. This adds a great deal of pressure on your skin and spine, neck and shoulders.

The neck compensates for the constant downward movement  by setting collagen fibers in this position.  This tightens and shortens the neck muscles as well as leads to collagen and elastin breaking down which lead to sagging and deep wrinkles.

Text neck stagnates circulation in the area. It blocks the flow of nutrients both into facial tissues and prevents the release of metabolic waste out of facial tissues. This lack of circulation accelerate aging in the skin and the accumulation of fluid causes puffiness and heaviness in the face and jawline.

2. If you are spending time on the phone, be mindful of your screen time. Remember that blue light is damaging to your skin.  Limiting screen time will also help prevent you developing deep furrows. Who hasn't caught themselves frowning or squinting while on their phone.  

If you must be on your phone, make sure to hold it at eye level. Don't worry about it looking silly. It'll help prevent a double chin and turkey neck.

3. In addition to age, sun exposure is also a culprit of sagging skin so avoid the sun or be well protected while in the sun

Here are 4 simple facial exercises to reduce and firm your double chin, jowls and turkey neck:

While exercises won't tighten loose skin (we'll leave that to a neck cream),  they can help diminish the appearance of loose skin. Working and tightening the neck muscles can help reduce the turkey neck.

To begin, sit comfortably with your back straight and your shoulders and face relaxed.

        1. The Tongue Press:  Press your tongue firmly into the roof of your mouth. With your mouth closed, look up towards the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds and then pull your chin to your chest. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax your tongue and repeat 10 times.

        2. The Forehead Push: Place your hand on your forehead. Push your head against your hand but don't allow your head to move forward. Hold for 10 seconds. Place both hands behind your head and push backwards with your neck. Hold for 10 seconds.

        3. The Kiss: Lift your head and point your chin towards the ceiling with your lips closed. Pout your lips as if you were giving a kiss. Open your mouth to a big noisy kiss. Repeat 20 times.

        4. Tongue Circles: With your mouth closed, circle your tongue inside your mouth to the right 20 times. Relax for 10 seconds and circle your tongue in the opposite direction 20 times. Repeat 5 times.

The results take time so be patient. Repeat daily and slowly you will begin to see your jawline and neck firm and lift and your turkey neck reduce.

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