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Our ILIA Love Story

In Vancouver, where dreams find their start, A makeup brand emerged, playing its part. An indie gem, unknown, yet bright, Its potential clear, in our sight.

In our Ottawa stores, with great zest, We shared its tale, doing our best. A chance embraced, oh so true. Believing in its beauty, as it grew.

With pride, in our stores, it found its space, Online, its colors we did embrace. Day by day, helping it ascend, A partnership we thought would never end.

But as it grew, the path did shift, Taken by a giant, causing a rift. Towards grander stages, it set its course, big box stores allure, a powerful force.

The bond we had, began to unravel, In the chase for fame, it chose to travel. As we watched in dismay, As our once-strong partnership faded away.

ILIA, once vibrant and true, Swept up in a world, vast and new. Our story with them, not as we planned, Changed by the pursuit of a larger brand.

Yet, remember we must, the journey shared, When together we dreamt, and boldly dared. In business, as in love, some dreams depart, Leaving lessons and memories in the heart.

We stand resilient, our spirit unwavering, In the clean beauty realm, continuously laboring. New gems discovered, now under our care, Together we'll rise, a new story to declare.

To be continued...

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