ORESTA's Love Your Skin in 2017 FACIAL CLUB

Imagine having a standing monthly facial appointment at ORESTA. Imagine having a smooth, firm, radiant, youthful + glowing complexion. We take our work seriously and are invested in the health of your skin. Show yourself some love.

Join our Love Your Skin in 2017 Facial Club.

$1250   (save $250)

Purchase 10 Monthly Facials and Receive 2 FREE Facials
Enjoy an ORESTA signature facial once a month for a year with MONTHLY FACIAL LOVE.  We will individually customize each monthly treatment to your skin type in order to achieve the most optimum results. The facials will firm, revitalize and strengthen your skin, resulting in a youthful vital glow.

$625  (save $125)

Purchase 6 Bi-monthly Facials and Receive 1 FREE Facial
If MONTHLY LOVE is too much for you, enjoy an ORESTA signature facial every second month for with BI-MONTHLY FACIAL LOVE.  Every two months, we will individually customize your treatment to your skin type in order to achieve the most optimum results. The facials will firm, revitalize and strengthen your skin, resulting in a youthful vital glow.

$475   (save $95)

Purchase 5 monthly Teen Facials and Receive the 6th Facial FREE
The Teen Facial is the perfect introduction to healthy skin care. It focuses on educating teens on how to care for teen skin. The facial is customized for those with minimal hormonal blemishes or severe acne. It will calm and reduce redness and irritation while flushing out impurities. The addition of high frequency will kill bacteria and heal breakouts.

$1800   (save $320)

The Natural Facelift with Oresta is a series of 12 micro-current treatments targeted to firm and tone the skin and decrease fine lines and wrinkles without invasive fillers, needles or surgery. This holistic facial rejuvenation treatment works in harmony with the natural energy systems of the body using micro current (electrical stimulation) to re-educate facial muscles. It works deep into the skin’s surface to trigger the healing response in skin cells that have been injured resulting in a boost in collagen production and cellular repair and an overall healthy glow.
For optimum results, the series of 12 treatments involves two weekly treatments over a 6 week period. The first week and fourth week will incorporate an organic facial with the micro current treatment. You will also receive a home care kit to promote results.

$1800   (save $300)

Enjoy our customized ORESTA signature facial with the added benefit of light emitting diodes (LED) therapy to penetrate below the skin’s surface and encourage new cell growth for healthier skin.  LED increases collagen production, lightens pigmentation, brightens the complexion, soothes redness and broken capillaries, diminishes the appearance of pores and heals acne.  

$600  (save $120)

Purchase 10 LED treatments and Receive 2 LED treatments FREE
The Brighten + Firm Booster is a weekly non-invasive LED light therapy treatment to boost collagen production, lighten pigmentation, soothe redness and broken capillaries, diminish appearance of pores and heal acne. As cumulative treatments offer maximum results, 12 weekly sessions are recommended.

$260   (save $100)

Purchase 4 Seasonal Makeup Consultations + Receive
4 FREE Seasonal Skin Care Analysis 

Your skin changes with the season, as should your makeup.  At the start of every season, we will complete a skin analysis machine consultation to help customize your skin care regime for optimum results. In addition, we will complete a seasonal makeup update and application of your foundation shade, lipstick, cheek and eyeshadow palette.


Package Terms + Conditions:
  • Services are to be redeemed within 1 year at which point they will be converted to their dollar value
  • Services are non-transferrable
  • Services must be redeemed at one location
  • Package must be paid for at time of purchase.
  • Prices do not include tax.  Taxes will be charged at time of purchase.

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