Laurel Abundant Harvest Facial

The Laurel Abundant Harvest Facial is finally here and we couldn't be more excited. This unique facial is inspired by our Earth's bounty. It offers a customized approach to your skin's needs with over 50 impeccably sourced vital, skin-loving organic, biodynamic whole plants thriving in abundance that have been expertly blended by Laurel into treatment powder masques and loose tea compresses. By maintaining the integrity of the fruits, leaves, petals and roots in their whole, raw state, they offer maximum efficacy and reveal noticeably more supple skin. 

This new professional back bar collection allows us to play alchemist in the treatment room and address your specific skin concerns. 

Four powder masques - Leaves, Fruits, Roots and Petals are combined to support your skin to be its healthiest, most radiant self. Leaves for cell regeneration, Fruits for speeding up cell turnover, Roots for detoxification and Petals for inflammation.

Three loose teas - Petals, Roots, and Leaves are steeped to create the ideal beauty compress tea for your skin for a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience.

By customizing each facial, we are able to treat symptoms from severe acne to collagen loss to rosacea. By supporting the health of the skin from inside out with the addition of face and neck lymphatic work + Gua Sha, we are able to strengthen the connective tissue, reduce chronic inflammation (the root of aging) as well as the appearance of pigmentation

Facial Compressing is incredibly beneficial for the health of our skin.  It benefits the health of our muscles, circulation, lymph, and our entire nervous system.  All four of those systems directly impact the health of your skin.

Laurel has created a limited edition Abundant Harvest™ compress to use at home to further improve the benefits of the Abundant Harvest Facial.

Check out Laurel's video below on how to compress and why it’s so beneficial.  See behind the scenes as Laurel and her team work to create this Abundant Harvest™ compress for you!  In case you can’t watch the video, follow the steps below to compress at home.


1)  Put a heaping tablespoon of compress into a french press or tea pot.  Simmer 2 cups of water to a simmer (not quite to a boil is best for the phytonutrient).  Pour hot water into your press or pot, over the compress and allow your compress to steep for 5-15 minutes.

2)  Roll up a hand towel and put it into a large bowl.  After your compress tea has steeped, pour the tea (through a strainer) over the towel to completely saturate it.  If your compress did not steep long allowing it to cool a bit, then the towel may be too hot to touch.  Allow to cool down just slightly so it does not burn your skin.

3)  Wring out the towel into the bowl so that it is not dripping but make sure it’s still completely wet and saturated.  Sitting or laying comfortably, wrap your face in the steamy towel.  If you wrap with the center of the towel touching your chin, then you can wrap upwards leaving a hole for your nose to breathe out of.

4)  While the compress is on your skin, you can press gently into your skin to further stimulate lymphatic flow and detoxing.  You can sit with the compress on your skin as long as you like!  If your towel starts to feel cool, you can go back to your bowl which should have some remaining warm tea.  Re-saturate your towel and start again. Don’t forget to compress your neck and chest too, to best support your lymph system!

Laurel Abundant Harvest
Facial Promotion


Book your Abundant Harvest Facial and receive a complimentary, limited edition Abundant Harvest™ compress to take home following your Abundant Harvest Facial to further improve the benefits of the facial. *

* compresses were created in small batches, quantities are limited, while quantities last


Promote luxurious skin from home! You can follow the instructions above and use the Laurel Brighten Mask to refresh your skin from the comfort of your own home.

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