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Facial Tools For Glowing Skin

The lymphatic system is the secondary circulatory system in the body. However, with no pump, it relies on muscle activity and exercise to stimulate lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system circulates lymph, a clear, watery fluid that contains proteins, salts, and other substances throughout the body. It keeps body fluid levels balanced and defends the body against infection. Eliminating stagnation and promoting lymphatic flow is critical to full body health and a healthy skin glow.

These are our favourite techniques and tools to help support lymphatic circulation which results in a clear, firm and radiant complexion:

1. Dry Brushing: an easy morning ritual that incorporates using a dry brush on dry skin to gently exfoliate the skin, activate lymphatic movement and open lymphatic pathways. Use a gentle face brush on the face and neck and a body or back brush for the body. 



2. Gua Sha: A traditional Chinese Medicine technique that involves a gentle scraping movement using a variety of stone or gemstone tools to massage and stimulate various energy points on the face, forehead, jaw and neck. Gua sha increases blood flow, improves lymphatic drainage, releases tension and toxins, reduces puffiness and inflammation and promotes firm, healthy, glowing skin. It is important to learn proper gua sha technique. The following four tools all fall in the gua sha category:

The Face Bian is a larger tool designed to work on the face and neck to help reduce puffiness, iron out wrinkles, and promote a glowing complexion. The different angles, grooves and ridges address the jaw, laugh lines, cheeks and forehead. Bian Stone is a protective stone that contains more than 40 trace elements and mineral ions. The friction against the skin causes the stone to produce negative ions which are known for their antioxidant and anti-aging effects on skin cells and DNA.

The Lip and Eye Bian is a smaller tool that is ideal for more precision work around the mouth and eyes that the larger gua sha tool cannot reach. It works to reduce puffiness and dark circles and the ridges are ideal for smoothing frown lines (commonly referred to as the 11s), crow’s feet around the eyes and fine lines and tension around the mouth.

The Rainbow Fluorite Gua Sha is a stone that is designed for the face and neck, to firm and sculpt, minimize puffiness and dark circles and is especially effective for diminishing age spots and sun damage. Rainbow fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, used for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. 

The Jade Comb is a gua sha for your scalp. Jade is a protective stone that soothes the mind and decreases stress and anxiety. Massage your scalp and stimulate blood flow while providing the healing and regenerating benefits of jade with this tool. Ideal for hair loss, itchy scalp and  tension headaches. Massage your scalp and reap the relaxation benefits!

3. The Jade Roller stimulates lymphatic circulation which aids in reducing inflammation and puffiness, enhancing skin elasticity, tightening and toning facial muscles, refining pores and relieving tension. Incorporating a roller involves less technique as long as you ensure that you are following the lymphatic pathways. Jade is a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity and jade rollers have been used for centuries to stimulate meridian points in the face and neck, to improve circulation and to brighten the skin.

4. The Rose Quartz Roller tightens and tones facial muscles, promotes lymphatic drainage, decreases puffiness and increases absorption of serums. Rose quartz is a crystal with strong vibrations of unconditional love, tenderness, joy, warmth and healing, often referred to as the 'Love Stone’. High concentrations of minerals such as silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen are beneficial for decreasing inflammation. The cooling effect of this crystal makes it ideal for sensitive skin.  

5. The Rose Quartz Spoon is a facial massage tool that mimics the gua sha, with one end of a rounded spoon to glide smoothly while the rounded tip allows you to work on pressure points. The rose quartz is a heart stone, a crystal of unconditional love and healing and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Use this spoon alone or use two simultaneously to de-puff eyes, sculpt cheeks and jawline, stimulate lymphatic flow and decrease tension.

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