How to Beat the Winter Blues



There is no denying that the fresh white snow is beautiful but these Arctic vortex temperatures are really getting to us. We are avoiding going outdoors, and instead want to spend all of our time cocooning indoors. We are feeling tired and sluggish. Call it what you may: the February Funk, the winter blues or seasonal sadness, we are feeling just plain blah.

1. Get a tan: If you aren't lucky enough to escape the cold, fake it with a self tanner. Get that sun kissed glow without looking orange. Sunless Strip! Natural Self Tanner tans and nourishes the skin with pigment in DHA form derived from sugar beets as well as green tea and aloe. Blend it with your favourite body lotion for a flawless healthy glow.

2. Wear colour: My entire winter wardrobe is black or charcoal grey and I know that I am not alone. Black is easy to wear, it's chic and slimming. It's the midlife uniform however black is not necessarily flattering. It drains the color from your face and signals "do not notice me." Whenever I wear colour, I always receive a compliment about how good I look. Of course I do, it brings colour to my face. So, introduce a dash of colour into your wardrobe: a bright fuschia blouse with your black skirt or maybe a bright multicoloured scarf and refuse to purchase anything black or grey. Instead, opt for red, fuchsia, lime green, blue or lavender.

3. Get a pedicure: With sandal season nowhere in sight, we often tend to neglect our feet in the winter months. Pedicures aren't just meant for the summer months, indulge your feet in the winter too. There is nothing more cheerful than pulling off your thick wool socks and seeing pretty polished toes and smooth, hydrated heels. Nourish dry, cracked heels with a healing salve like Fortissimo! Serious Salve.

4. Plant a bulb: Nothing makes me smile like daffodils, hyacinths, tulips. Bring spring into your home now by buying a bulb or a grouping of bulbs and placing them in colourful pots throughout the house to brightness your home with the colours and scents of spring.

5. Try a new lipstick colour: dark lipsticks have made their way from our mothers' purses back into the hands of collegiettes. Though some are weary of the bold statement a dark shade can make, we promise there is a color that can work for you - you just have to find it. Ilia's Lust for Life and Femme Fatale are winter favourites.

6. Eat more chocolate: There is a God!!! Serotonin is the feel good hormone. During the winter months many people do not produce enough serotonin so their bodies naturally crave trytophan. Chocolate with a high cocoa content contains trytophan so go ahead and indulge.

7. Socialize: Maintaining a social life when it's cold outside can be challenging. It's easy to become a shut-in but friendship is good for the soul so make a conscious effort to spend time with family and friends. Plan a girls night, an evening cross- country ski date or if it is too cold outside, host a movie night. Reconnect with faraway friends via Skype, FaceTime or the good old fashioned telephone.

8. Plan a staycation: It's fun to play tourist in your own city, to discover little hidden gems and enjoy a mini escape from your routine. Create an itinerary of activities that you wouldn't normally have time to enjoy: visit the latest installation at the National Gallery, go to a matinee at the movie theatre or visit the latest shoe store that everyone is raving about. Enjoy Jao's Staycation Kit  and have fun right in your backyard!

9. Book an Arctic Berry Facial: Pamper your skin while embracing the winter with Eminence Organic's Arctic Berry Peel.
Enjoy the dramatic results of a Natural Chemical Peel treatment for all skin types, even sensitive and rosacea. Eminence Organics' Arctic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating System contains a powerful blend of organic arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract with natural peptides to dramatically reduce wrinkles, illuminate skin, improve skin tone and lighten pigmentation.

10. Get out of Dodge: Book a vacation to a sunny destination.

Embrace the winter and remember that spring is officially only a month away!


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