Do I Need To Have Regular Facials?


Do you need to exercise regularly? Do you need to eat well regularly? Of course you do. A facial is more than candles, soft music, cucumbers over the eyes and a masque applied to the face. Although some may consider a facial a luxury or something to experience every once in a while, regular facials are exercise and nourishment for the skin. They not only relax and pamper, they are an essential part of your skin care plan to create healthy skin.

What is a facial?

A professional facial treatment is performed by an aesthetician who will properly diagnose and treat your skin with deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, corrective masques and a facial, neck, shoulder, arm and foot massage. Eyebrow cleanup is also included. 

Why do I need a facial?

Our skin is continuously exposed to the elements including sun, wind, cold and pollution which have an adverse effect on the skin. Professional facial treatments will help to minimize or correct these harmful effects. It is much easier to protect than to correct and by taking good care of your skin with regular facials, you can treat or correct a variety of skin conditions/concerns that include loss of tone, dehydration, blemishes, sun damage, congestion and dullness. You work with an aesthetician (a skin care specialist) who will properly assess your skin, customize a facial to address your specific skin concerns as well as create an effective home care regime.

How often should I get a facial?

Facials are recommended once every thirty days however frequency depends on individual goals. Chronic breakouts or hyperpigmentation may require a series of weekly treatments followed by monthly facials after improvements have been achieved. Monthly facials ensure that skin issues are treated regularly. With monthly facials, your aesthetician will get to know you and your skin, making it much easier to treat your specific skin care concerns as they arise as well as recommend home care products and treatments.

How do I prepare for a facial?

Decide about what you are hoping to achieve - what bothers you about your skin or what issues or concerns you have. By completing a confidential client card and skin care assessment, the aesthetician will be aware of what you are presently using on your skin, any allergies or sensitivities and your skin concerns and goals. Do not exfoliate or wax your face for a week to minimize irritation and allow for a deep exfoliation. Men should not shave the day of their appointment.

What facial do I book?

As facial treatments are customized, there is no need to self-diagnose. Leave it to your aesthetician to create a facial specific to your skin concerns.

What is my post facial recovery time?

Although dependent on ones' skin sensitivity and the intensity of the facial, most clients will continue with their day following their facial. No need to rush home and hide. There may be a rosiness to the skin that can last one to two hours however, we can ensure that every clients skin will look better following the facial than it did when they arrived for their facial.

Can I wear makeup following my facial?

Although you won't need to, yes, you can, however we recommend using organic makeup. It is a real treat for your skin to have a chance to breathe and soak up the effects of the treatment so no makeup is ideal.

Why do I need to do home care?

The reality is that having regular facials without proper home care is just not sufficient enough if you are trying to improve your skin. Caring for your skin between facial treatments with quality organic skin care products is critical to encouraging the longevity of the facial as well as achieving results in treating or correcting your skin. Remember to keep it simple and pleasurable - you need to look forward and enjoy your home care. A simple regime includes daily facial cleansing followed by application of a skin-specific serum and moisturizer. Adequate and frequently reapplied sun protection is critical. Weekly exfoliation and a skin-specific masque are also essential to achieving healthy, radiant skin.

The holiday season filled with parties, late nights and over-indulging (although fun) is a stressful time of year. Call ORESTA to book a facial for yourself. Take time, make time to decompress and pamper yourself. 







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