Tooth & Gum Drops

Panacea Herbs

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This potent blend of antibacterial herbal oils cleans your teeth, freshens breath, calms gum inflammation and prevents cavities. The analgesic effects of cinnamon, clove, and oregano help to soothe sore gums, and as a gentle painkiller after a visit to the dentist.

This oil is great used in place of a toothpaste, or as spot treatment for toothaches or loose teeth. We love to use it on our floss too.

How to use: Invert bottle and shake one or two drops onto a dry tooth brush and use to brush teeth, gums and tongue for 2-3 minutes. Spit out excess and rinse sparingly to allow some of the gum drops to remain in the mouth to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the gums and tissue. It can also be used directly on infected or inflamed gums by placing a drop on your finger and rubbing into the affected area.

Ingredients: myrrh, oregano oil, thyme oil,clove oil, cinnamon oil, tee tree oil, peppermint oil in a jojoba and rosehip seed oil base

Size: 0.5fl oz / 15ml amber glass bottle

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