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ORESTA Rainbow Flourite Gua Sha

ORESTA Rainbow Flourite Gua Sha

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Introducing our Rainbow Flourite Gua sha.

Rainbow Fluorite is a highly protective gemstone that boosts confidence, removes negativity and helps release stress. A youthful stone that encourages self-expression and harmony, allowing for expression of gratitude and optimism.

Gua Sha (gua - scraping, sha - toxins) is an ancient technique used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that involves a gentle scraping-like motion along the skin which helps stimulate circulation to bring nutrients to the skin and reveal a bright, healthy, plump & firm complexion.

Gua sha activates meridian points to promote healing, combat inflammation, stimulate lymphatic circulation, reduce fine lines, lift eyelids, firm the neck and jawline, reduce jowls and diminish blemishes and pigmentation.

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