Nourish and Replenish Oil

Nourish and Replenish your skin daily with this luxurious beauty potion. This hydrating oil does it all: wrinkle reduction and prevention, soothing sensitivity, hydrating and healing. Featuring pure essential oils, such as rose, a renowned skin strengthener, healing holy basil, firming frankincense oil, and olive squalene, which supports skin's health on a cellular level. Between You and the Moon's therapeutic essential oil blend lends antibacterial properties which help fight against breakouts and clogged pores, while blending harmoniously into a soothing earthy scent, bound to melt away stress in a few deep breaths.

Oil deficient skin types will benefit from the deep penetrating hydration of this lightweight oil. Dehydrated or water deficient skin will reap the most benefits from N&R by emulsifying it with a few spritzes of your favourite Mineral Mist, directly on the skin.