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Anto Yukon

Anto Yukon Natural Body Soap


Inspired by Canadian landscapes, Anto Yukon hand-makes wonderful natural soaps that both feel and look luxurious. Wrapped in reusable or recycable packaging, the artwork is done by Meghan Hildebrand to give it an extra flair.

Concerned about Palm Oil? The founder made sure to source a Certified Sustainable palm oil that is produced ethically.

We carry the following selection:

  • Annie Lake - peppermint / eucalyptus / tea tree + black clay (great for body acne)
  • Carcross Desert - moisturizing + turmeric / citrus
  • Clayoquot Sound - cedar / patchouli / bergamot
  • Cypress Hills - cypress / grapefruit / lime
  • Dawson City - detox + cedar / cinnamon / clove
  • Fox Lake - fireweed (great for body acne) + floral
  • Kluane - exfoliating soap with glacial silt + lavender / mint
  • Log Cabin - exfoliating soap with coffee grains + pine / fir
  • Miles Canyon - juniper / clary sage

Size: 4oz / 113g bar wrapped in paper

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