Laurel Hydrating Elixir I: Phytonutrient Replenish

A deeply hydrating + plumping tonic

"I am amazed at the difference using the Hydrating Elixir makes. My skin is much more receptive to serums and oils and feels fresher"                           


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Laurel Hydrating Elixir I: Phytonutrient Replenish is a vital step in your day to day skincare routine, blending deeply hydrating, nutrient-rich whole plants to maintain skin health and suppleness. Loaded with polysaccharides, B vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants like resveratrol and vitamin C, it mimics hyaluronic acid, balancing the microbiome for all skin types, especially dry, mature, sensitive, and rosacea-prone. Heirloom Rose leads, complemented by earthy roots, barks, mushrooms, and spicy resins for deep hydration and restoration.

Marshmallow Root hydrates fascia, while Reishi Mushroom and Licorice Root soothe and aid nutrient absorption. Artisan-distilled Sandalwood and Frankincense hydrosols promote cellular healing, while Hibiscus, Hawthorn, Schisandra, and Rose petals offer abundant Vitamin C and skin repair, ideal for sensitive skin and barrier restoration.

Scent: Rose Geranium, White Rose, and Sandalwood

MARSHMALLOW ROOT: deeply hydrates and plumps the skin for smoother, healthier skin.

REISHI MUSHROOMS + SAPONINS: contain skin-brightening properties or a brighter, more even complexion.

RESINS + BARKS: strengthens and repairs

HIBISCUS, HAWTHORNE, SCHISANDRA + ROSE PETALS: Rich in Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant to repair and strengthen damaged skin. It is also brightens and evens out sun damage.

ROSE: strengthens and repairs damaged, delicate skin.

Mist generously onto clean skin until skin is saturated, 6-8 sprays. Follow with oil based serums and moisturizers. Pro tip: If you're finding your oil is not quite absorbing in to the skin, follow with a couple more sprays of elixir.

Size: 3.3oz / 100ml Miron glass spray bottle


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Customer Reviews

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Krysia Pazdzior

I am amazed at the difference using the Hydrating Elixire makes. My skin is much more receptive to serums and oils and feels fresher and more flexible all day.

Great product

I really missed using this product between the time I ran out and was a le to buy another bottle. It really seems to help hydrate my skin and it certainly makes using a serum much easier to smooth on.


As promised, hydrates my dehydrated skin and makes it more receptive to absorb moisturizing oil. My friend, who gave me the gift certificate to buy it, saw me 1 day after 1st use and said "You're GLOWING!" :)