Kaia Naturals The Sweat Powder

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Material Crisp Linen

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Kaia has created a natural solution to address sweat, wetness and chafing in the underarms, bikini and breast area. A talc-free and vegan powder that combines Thessalite 6® Powder Technology, the sweat-absorbing hand chalk used by athletes, with magnesium carbonate, zinc oxide, apple cider vinegar and rice starch to create a formulation to absorb sweat and wetness by creating a moisture absorbing barrier while fighting odour-causing bacteria.

The retractable kabuki brush applicator is made of ultra-soft bristles that gently but effectively dispense and apply powder to the skin without making a mess. Portable, It is travel-friendly and portable for quick touchups. Removable washable applicator brush for easy clean up.  Eco-conscious with refillable container available for purchase.

Sakura Blossom - Japanese cherry blossom and a graceful hint of Asian pear.
Crisp Linen - fresh ripened English pear with crisp freesia.

To use: 
        • Turn the brush upside down and shake several times while the lid is closed to dispense powder into the brush and lid.
        • Turn the brush right side up and tap the lid a few times to disperse the powder onto the brush.
        • Open the lid, the brush should have powder on it.
        • Twist the dial at the bottom clockwise to the "open" position to reveal the brush. Ensure the brush is twisted all the way.
        • If the brush is not yet saturated with powder, shake the brush to dispense more powder.
        • Apply a generous layer of the powder to the underarms, over your deodorant, keeping the brush at a downward angle. It can also be used on any body part that experiences excess sweat (breast area, bikini area, feet, etc).
        • Twist the dial to the "close" position to retract the brush and place the lid when finished.
        • Reapply as needed throughout the day.

Size: 10g/ .35oz


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