Hair Powder - Dry Shampoo

The Lulu Organics Hair Powder is a talc-free dry shampoo that is great to be used in between washes to keep your hair looking fresh. It helps absorb oils and leaves your hair smelling fresh.

Vegan. Gluten-Free. Child-safe. Cruelty-Free.

Tip: Do not sprinkle directly into roots as it will create an ashy look. Instead, sprinkle a dime to quarter size into palm. Rub both hands together to evenly coat them. Run hands through your roots and repeat as needed. Brush through once you're done.

Ingredients: Organic corn starch*, White clay, Aluminum-free baking soda, Organic horsetail powder*, Essential oils* (listed per scent: Lavender + Clary Sage - Lavender and clary sage essential oils; Jasmine - Jasmine absolute oil and wax, Jojoba Oil; Geranium - Geranium rose essentia oil)
*USDA Certified Organic