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Wild Hill

Wild Hill Fireweed Toner

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Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) is the most abundant flowering perennial in the Northwest. A gentle healer, fireweed is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and full of Vitamin C. Studies show its compound Oenethin-B effectively combats the bacterial overgrowth implicated in acne.

Wild Hill mists often, because they love happy skin. Sad but true, facial toners are a crucial part of skin care routines that are often skipped. A well made toner improves skin texture, hydrates and corrects pH balance, which improves skin's function as a barrier. Toners also remove any last residues of makeup or pollution, and enhance the absorption of moisturizers that follow. Not bad for one small bottle!

Hydrosols are gentle and therapeutic, with many beneficial effects coming from all the water solubles molecules extracted from the plant (as opposed to the very strong oil solubles that make up essential oils) making them excellent natural treatments for the skin.

Sustainably harvested when it flowers from clearcuts on Vancouver Island, Fireweed is then distilled & tinctured at the height of freshness. Usnea tincture provides additional anti-microbial and anti-fungal support. Rock rose and Palma Rosa essential oils in tiny amounts boost skin repair and regeneration.

Skin Type: All, redness, reactive, stressed, acne

Size: 1.69floz / 50ml blue glass bottle with spray top 

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Wildhill Fireweed Toner

Love this toner, its so soothing and the ingredients speak for themselves. The maker of this product is also so sweet and helpful.