Dragon Balm Warming Rub

This all natural take on 'Tiger Balm' does all that the classic medicine cabinet staple does and more. Use as a chest rub to relieve congestion and stuffy sinuses, or as a rub for sore muscles. Wildcrafted sweet birch penetrates deeply to relieve inflammation while balsam oil is shown to improve circulation and breathing.
For cold and flu symptoms or sore muscle reach for your Dragon Balm before you reach for your aspirin. Birch contains salicylic acid, the active anti-inflammatory compound in aspirin, allowing it to relieve pain locally.

Ingredients: wildcrafted balsam and St. John's Wort, sunflower, apricot, unrefined (raw) Vancouver Island fireweed beeswax and fair trade shea butter.  100% pure essential oils include Peppermint, Sweet Birch, Cowichan Lavendula, Eucalypt.