Coureur des Bois

Métis are the people who traveled and opened the waterways across Turtle Island. They were the Wood Runners (Coureur des Bois), the voyageurs, the paddlers, intrepid explorers and translators. 

Wonderful, fruity flavour that is delicately roasted to highlight the lovely subtleties in this delicious medium mild coffee.

Birch Bark Coffee Company, through the sales of its coffee, plans to take immediate action to elevate the on-going “Boiled Water Advisories” in Ontario and help the other provinces across Canada. For every 40 bags of coffee sold, we will be able to equip one home with a water filtration unit for their home.

We have collaborated with Can-Am Wellness to purchase their certified Belkcraft Four-Stage and Six-Stage Water Filtration Systems, and plan to install them at no cost to Indigenous families and communities suffering from poor water conditions on every reserve in Ontario. 

340g / 12oz