Arghand Body Oil

Anisette Body Oil is an antioxidant-rich blend of pomegranate seed oil, apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil that nurtures and heals dry, chapped skin.  Skin is balanced and calmed with the harmonious addition of cooling anise oil. 

Apply a few drops on your face and hands before heading out into the wind, sun or snow to add extra protection to your skin from the elements.


Desert Fields Body Oil is a soothing blend of pistachio oil, apricot kernel oil and pomegranate seed oil that softens rough, dry skin and heals topical irritations.  Artemisia persica essential oil is extracted from a desert wormwood.  It contains incredible antimicrobial properties and aids in healing a wide range of skin conditions by countering irritation and soothing pain. 

We love applying it to our heels and nail cuticles at bedtime.