What will I learn over 6 weeks?

Week 1 : Customizing a clean beauty ritual for your skin

Week 2: 
Inflammation, lymph and dry brushing 

Week 3: Facial Massage 
to firm and define your jawline, de-puff the eye area, plump the skin and work on frown lines

Week 4: Facial Gua Sha and Facial Rolling Techniques

Week 5: Facial Reflexology
to calm the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and stimulate lymphatic movement for a healthy glow

Week 6: Diet, Sleep, Hormones + Tongue Scraping to 
support your skin for a healthy and RADIANT glow!

The transformation includes:

  • 6 weekly skin care tutorial video modules 
  • Weekly Q+A virtual meet ups with the RADIANT community
  • A curated 7 piece RADIANT facial kit that includes everything that you will need for the RADIANT skin course ($400 value)
  • RADIANT book that includes visuals and step by step techniques taught in the RADIANT course.

 BONUS: FREE Silk Pillowcase to the first 10 who sign up: 

  • Receive a 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Benefits include cooling effect for peaceful sleep, reduces "sleep wrinkles", hair breakage and bedhead.