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Urban Minerals

Urban Minerals Foundation - Light Mode

The Mineral Foundation is luxe product created by Urban Minerals for multicultural women of all divine and diverse backgrounds by Sarah Devika. A Toronto-based brand, Sarah focuses on creating makeup that performs and suitable for all skin types, while taking into account the environment. All ingredients in the mineral foundation is locally sourced, vegan, and gluten-free. Each product is hand-made and Reiki-infused to promote self-love in women as they embark on their day, starting with their makeup

Light Mode is what we like to think of as the lightest of the light.  This foundation will help to even out pink undertones, especially around hormonally more flush areas such as eyes, nose and mouth.  If you tend to get pink or sensitive – this will help to calm that down.  

Fair. Peachy. Pink undertone. 

Comes in a 30 gram recyclable jar with a lock sifter to keep makeup clean and air tight.

The secret ingredient? Founder Sarah Devika is a Level II Reiki Practitioner and channels Reiki Energy - Universal Life Force energy, into every batch.

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