Clarifying Clay Soap

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Clarifying Clay Soap is a cleansing, balancing bar soap made with gorgeous green clay, pure plant botanicals, and opulent essential oils to gently wash and detox hands, arm pits, and privates.

Clarifying Clay Soap is a botanical bar soap crafted with French green clay, one of the most absorbent and detoxifying elements in nature. This gentle, cleansing clay is mixed with the finest essences for a botanical bouquet that is balancing, clarifying, and soothing.

French green clay, also known as sea clay, is a natural-occurring element captured from quarries in France. It is highly absorbent and has the ability to draw toxins and impurities like a magnet. French green clay gets its lovely green hue ancient iron oxides and decomposed, organic plant matter.

The clay is swirled into soap with cacao butter, golden jojoba, and virgin coconut oil to drench the skin in marvelous amounts of moisture. Saponified olive oil works with the clay to open the pores so toxins can be flushed from the skin. Yarrow and rosemary stimulate the lymph and circulatory systems while clarifying and rejuvenating the skin. Eucalyptus, cypress, and laurel balance fortify delicate skin tissues against damage.

Our botanical bar soaps are particularly handy for the hygienic yet gentle cleansing of pits and privates. The essential oils in our soaps potently modulate the millions of microbes that live in these warm, moist, and dark areas so that our friendly flora stays friendly and pathogens are sent packing.  Commercial bars soaps are microbial mismanagers; they contain harsh ingredients that disrupt the structure of the skin, which razes the skin’s microbiome and causes dryness, irritation, and inflammation. 

Struggling with Yeast Infections, Tinea Versicolor or Pityriasis Versicolor? Use this to decrease itchiness and reduce fungal overgrowth.

Ingredients: French Green Clay, cacao butter, golden jojoba, and virgin coconut oil, saponified olive oil, Yarrow, rosemary, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, cypress, and laurel.

Size: 120g bar in paper box

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