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TOK Beauty

Tok Beauty Liquid Eyeliner

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Tok Beauty's 'Attracted To You' liquid lash-enhancing eye liner offers a clean and easy application for a glam look. 
PROMOTION: Receive a FREE pair of Tok Beauty's 100% silk handmade magnetic lashes (upper + lower per eye)Tok Beauty's Magnetic Lashes are 100% handmade faux silk lashes.  They're tapered from the inside out to give you the perfect cat eye effect. 

Application Instructions: Line your upper lash line with the eye liner. We also suggest applying a coat of TOK Mascara on your natural lashes as a base, before applying the magnetic lashes.

Once the eyeliner has dried, take the top piece of your IT TAKES TWO! Magnetic Lashes, starting with the left or right lash, and gently bend the band of the lash to match the curve of your natural lash line. Secure the top lash in place, resting it on top of your natural lashes. Ensure to position the band of the lash so it follows your lash line, and is held in place by the magnetic eyeliner. Once the top lash is in place, take the bottom lash (indicated with a yellow dot) of the same side (left or right) and place it under your natural lashes, magnetizing the bottom lash to the top lash.

To remove the lash, gently slide the magnets apart in the opposite direction using your index finger and thumb.

The magnetic lashes can be applied without the Magnetic Eyeliner, however it assists in the application. 

Care Instructions:

Place the magnetic lashes back in the TOK Beauty Magnetic Lash case for safe keeping and re-use of the magnetic lashes. Ensure to place the lashes in the correct compartment in the box, separating the left and right lashes. The bottom lash is indicated with a yellow dot.

 To clean your magnetic lashes, use an oil and alcohol free cleanser as to not damage the silk or cotton band. Gently cleanse with a cotton swab.