Auntie Fungal Skin Cream

Dragonfly Dreaming

Treat your athlete's foot, 'jock itch' and other fungal skin infections, naturally. This potent anti-fungal salve relieves the itch and inflammation caused by fungal infections while strengthening and healing the skin. Cassia, oregano, and rose geranium essential oils as well as shea butter and pure zinc oxide offer a great natural alternative to cortisone creams and over the counter anti-fungal medicines.

Toss this salve into your swim bag to prevent athlete's foot from public pools. As a treatment, apply to daily to clean, dry feet and apply bandage to cover. For external use only. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant prior to usage.

Ingredients: Essential oils of rose geranium, lavendula, cassia, oregano in shea butter, Vancouver Island beeswax, zinc oxide
For: Athlete's foot, fungal infections, nail fungus

Size: 60ml / 2oz Glass jar

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