RADIANT Skin transformation course

Knowing how to best care for you skin can be overwhelming, even more so as we age... but it doesn't have to be.

As an aesthetician for over 25 years, I've heard it all:
"Using oil on your face will cause acne."
"Vaseline hydrates your skin."
"If it tingles, it's working."
"Expensive = Effective"
"Anti-aging products get rid of wrinkles."
I'm tired of the misinformation and of the beauty industry monetizing on women's insecurities. It's difficult to age gracefully in a society that covets and glorifies youth. The beauty industry has created unattainable beauty standards and has convinced us that we must have flawless skin to be beautiful and that as we age, we become irrelevant and invisible.

My life's work is to promote age positive beauty, to simplify skin care and debunk skin care myths while empowering women with the truth, the tools and the techniques for a healthy, radiant complexion, at every age.
If you're
  • unsure of how to best care for your skin
  • disappointed with money spent on products that didn't deliver the miracles that they had promised
  • discouraged with the amount of products and beauty gadgets cluttering your bathroom
I created the RADIANT Holistic Skin Transformation course to change that. 
If you want to overcome the overwhelm around skin care and learn impactful knowledge and techniques that will revolutionize your approach to skin care and beauty and achieve a radiant complexion, I'm excited to welcome you to the RADIANT skin transformation course. 
Over 6 weeks, I will share my vault of 25 years of skin care knowledge including advanced holistic skin care techniques and proven practices so that you can achieve the complexion you deserve. Look and feel radiant without breaking the bank or spending hours a day on your skin. End the vicious cycle of overspending on products and treatments that aren't offering you the results that they promised.
I'll teach you everything I know about skin. No gimmicks, quick fixes or miracle potions. You'll learn how to spend 5-10 minutes daily in order to create lasting results and love the skin you're in.
The RADIANT course includes:
  • 6 weekly skin care tutorial video modules
  • A RADIANT book that includes visuals and step by step techniques taught in the course 
  • A RADIANT 7 piece wellness kit valued at $400 that includes everything that you will need for the course (facial serum, elixir, facial dry brush, gua sha, facial roller and tongue scraper)
  • weekly virtual group coaching calls with the beauty-positive RADIANT community to support your progress
  • A private Facebook group with recordings of the calls if you can't make them.
  • other resources for ease of knowledge
I'm keeping the group small. If you're ready to invest in yourself, click the link below. The first video module will arrive in your inbox on Saturday, October 29th. I look forward to welcoming you into our RADIANT community.
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