How Do I Choose A Toner For My Skin?

Do you use toner as part of your skin care routine? Many of us skip this step, thinking it isn't as important as cleansing and moisturizing, but finding the right toner for your skin can greatly improve both its appearance and texture.
Earlier versions of toners were often made with alcohol, so they developed a reputation for having a drying effect on skin. The formulas we carry in store and online are leagues ahead of these original ones, and will in fact help make your skin feel more hydrated and be better prepared to absorb the products you layer on afterwards.
We use our toner after cleansing, when skin is still a bit damp. No need to use a cotton pad to apply (why waste all that beautiful product on something other than your skin?) - just spray generously, then pat in your serum and/or moisturizer. Read about some of our favourite toners below to find out which is right for your skin type. 
LAUREL ELIXIR II SUPPORT + RECOVER delivers immediate hydration + soothing relief to reactive, irritated and inflamed skin. This vitamin, mineral + anti-oxidant-rich mist calms and soothes the skin while balancing the skin’s microflora for a clear complexion. Hydrosols of German Chamomile, Neroli, Calendula + Helichrysium soothe and heal with curcumin and azulene for added anti-inflammatory support. Good for all skin but is especially suited for acne, inflammation of any kind, hyper-pigmentation and skin that is needing any extra soothing support.

LAUREL ELIXIR I PHYTONUTRIENT REPLENISH is a hydrating mist/serum combination of deeply hydrating, nutrient and antioxidant dense whole plants that is essential in keeping skin looking plump, dewy and glowing. Rich in Rose, Frankinscense, Sandalwood + Rose Geranium hydrosols, as well as polysaccharides, B vitamins, enzymes, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, resveratrol, vitamin C, and plant humectants that mimic hyaluronic acid. Good for all skin types, best suited for dry, mature, sensitive, reactive and rosacea skin types.
JOSH ROSEBROOK HYDRATING ACCELERATOR is a combination hydrator, toner + light moisturizer in one. An organic vitamin-infused aloe water that plumps and firms, it is rich in antioxidants to boost skin structure and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. Aloe + herbal anti-inflammatories calm and relieve redness and help serums and balms to penetrate better.
PROVINCE APOTHECARY INVIGORATING + BALANCING TONER is a Rose + Lavender hydrosol based mist that providing nutrients to your skin and re-balances your pH after cleansing. Along with Geranium, Clary Sage, Patchouli + Rosemary oils, this toner will cool + hydrate the skin and prepare it for better product absorption.
WILD HILL ROSE GERANIUM TONER balances pH as well as boosts skin regeneration with sustainably farmed and distilled Rose Geranium hydrosol. Known as a hormone balancer, this mist is indicated for balancing oil production as well as for brightening skin, making it ideal for sensitive, hyper-pigmented and combination skin types.
WILD HILL FIREWEED TONER is a gentle healing mist with the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial benefits of Fireweed. Popular for its benefits of healing compromised skin, especially acne as it contains a compound that effectively combats acne-causing bacteria, while repairing and regenerating skin.
KAHINA MOROCCAN ROSE WATER is a hydrosol mist of 100% steam-distilled Rosa Damascena. Rose is known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that hydrate, soften and calm the skin. These fragrant rose petals that are hand picked by the Berber women of Morocco rebalances + hydrates skin after cleansing to allow better absorption of products in skin. Can also be sprayed on pillow to calm sleep or spray into hair to soften and condition.
ÉMINENCE NEROLI AGE CORRECTIVE HYDRATING MIST is a refreshing, collagen-boosting toner that dramatically tightens and firms skin. This mist contains Natural Retinol Alternative + Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells to tighten and firm skin, while neroli oil blended with coconut milk and coconut water balance and moisturize skin. Ideal for all skin types, especially mature, dry skin.
ÉMINENCE MANGOSTEEN REVITALIZING MIST is a refreshing toner that hydrates and softens the skin. The Red Clover extract will balance oil production and antioxidant-rich Mangosteen + Ribose nurture the skin and help promote the production of collagen. For all skin types, especially oily.
ÉMINENCE STONE CROP HYDRATING MIST is a potent blend of stone crop juice, natural salicylic acid and spring water that hydrates and nourishes uneven skin tones. Stone crop juice brightens while boosting the skin with nutrient minerals.  Ideal for all skin types, to use after cleansing or to seal in your Éminence Sun Defence Minerals.

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