International Women's Day - Women Entrepreneurs in Healthy Beauty - Beth Lischeron, founder of Dragonfly Dreaming

It all began in the forest and Beth Lischeron's herb garden on Vancouver Island. Beth has been blending the healing traditions of herbalism & aromatherapy since 1996. Dragonfly Dreaming is an effective plant-based natural and organic body care line for the body and spirit. Her products are effective for eczema, toe nail fungus, athletes foot, cracked heels and fingers, tattoos and cold sores. 

1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

B:   It's big question! As a woman who has lived internationally, every day is International Women's Day! It's a a day to celebrate and reflect on where we’ve been, what we've experienced and achieved and what our goals (both collectively and personally) might be. I think it’s a very important tool for education.

2. What women have inspired you?

B:   The unsung, unnamed and unassuming women who go about the business of bearing and raising children, tending to those who can’t take care of themselves, celebrating their lives and seeing them finally to their rest… Woman, writ large.

Individually, my grandmother who escaped war-torn Europe in the 1920’s and emigrated to Canada. She raised three children on her own through the Depression by selling Avon products along the country roads of southern Ontario and became the owner of two salons. She inspired to me to create and build my own business.

3. What impact does Dragonfly Dreaming have on women?

B:   I began formulating products over twenty years ago when I was pregnant. At that time, there were no natural options.  As a small-scale artisanal company owned by a single Mum, I feel proud to be making a difference and by giving people options in terms of what they choose to put on their bodies. 

4. What would you like young women to know about International Women’s Day?

B:   This is for my daughter Kate, her peers, for my three almost-teenage nieces and to all young girls. 

The struggles and challenges you will experience growing up in Canada in the 21st century - are NOTHING compared to the struggles that are being experienced every minute by your sisters all around the world.  Be conscious. Be grateful. Be compassionate but above all, BE. 


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