Reclaim Your Radiant Glow

Is your skin feeling older than you are?
Do you feel like you've lost your healthy glow?
Would you like to improve your skin but have no idea how?


We see you, we hear you and we're here to lead you on the path to radiant skin!

The RADIANT facial transformation course is launching again soon so make sure that you're signed up on our email list to be the first to know. 

Join Oresta as she shares her favourite wellness and beauty practices to cultivate a healthy, radiant glow, at any age.

This course is not about anti-aging, it's about healthy skin and a healthy mindset! 

Over 6 weeks, she'll share holistic beauty tips, tools and techniques with weekly video tutorials delivered to your inbox. Work independently, at your own pace or be a part of a community of women invested in aging radiantly. You will be supported by Oresta and Laryssa along your journey with weekly virtual group meet-ups.

Although attendance at the meet-ups is voluntary, all the women who have previously completed the course felt that the meet-ups were where the magic happened. Imagine a group of women supporting one another to feel vibrant and beautiful. 

As a holistic aesthetician for over 20 years, Oresta knows what it takes to achieve and maintain a radiant complexion at any age. She'll cut through the gimmicks and quick fixes and share her honest, proven techniques and knowledge.


  • attending a Zoom call and feeling comfortable with the camera on
  • leaving the house without makeup
  • enjoying compliments about your radiant complexion
  • looking in the mirror or catch your reflection and like what you see

It's your time. Reclaim your radiance!

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