ORESTA's FEBRUARY Tip for Glowing Skin in 2016

So, how did you SLEEP in January? Are you getting 7 hours of sleep?

Now that we are into February, it's time to share my next tip to achieve glowing skin in 2016. Set it as a monthly resolution for yourself and try to follow through for 30 (or 31) days. The resolution may fall away or it may inevitably carry on into the next month and into the rest of the year. No pressure, no judgement, let's have fun with this.

My FEBRUARY Tip for Glowing Skin is DRY BRUSHING.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and the sentinal of our health. It's the organ of elimination and it's main function is to facilitate detoxification in the body.

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a daily full body exfoliating ritual performed on dry skin with a dry natural bristle brush. The brush strokes are long and light and always in one direction towards the heart.

Why do we dry brush?

Dry brushing exfoliates the skin, stimulates circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, improves digestion and detoxifies the skin.

How do you dry brush?

I like to incorporate a 2-3 minute energizing dry brushing into my morning pre-shower wake-up routine.

1. Purchase a natural fiber bristle brush as synthetic bristles may be too hard and cause skin irritation.I prefer the soft texture of jute fiber.  The brush will either have a wooden handle or long cotton cords. I love the Body Brush by Merben.

To take your dry brushing to the next level and assist with lymph movement, add 1-2 drops of cypress, rosemary, laurel, eucalyptus or yarrow essential oil into your palm and glide the bristles of your dry brush across your palm to saturate each bristle with the essential blend. 

2. Dry brush in the shower on dry skin prior to showering in order to contain the exfoliating skin. Don't press too hard on the skin to avoid irritation.

3. Brush one leg at a time starting on the sole of one foot and up the back of the leg upwards in long sweeping motions toward your buttocks.  The back of the thighs are poorly vascularized resulting in low blood and lymph circulation which contributes to cellulite. Dry brushing will improve vascular efficiency and reduce edema which exacerbates the lumpy appearance of cellulite. Continue brushing up over your buttocks, up your back, to your neck.

4. Brush the top of the feet up towards the belly. Dry brush the belly in a counterclockwise pattern. Continue up the body (and sides of the torso) towards the heart.

5. On the arms, begin dry brushing the fingertips, palms, forearms and work upward with firm, small flat strokes or a circular motion. 

6. Take care as you brush over more sensitive areas, like breasts. Brush gently in circular motions inwards on each breast towards the nipple but never over the areola or nipple to avoid irritation. 

7. Brush your neck in long, light downward strokes towards the heart.

8. Do not brush your face.

10. Shower to remove the dead skin and then moisturize your skin to nourish it with a nourishing body oil or lotion. 

11. You can dry brush your body daily. Although the skin may initially feel sensitive, it will become less sensitive the more you dry brush.

12. Clean your brush with soap & water or a natural brush cleaner weekly and never leave the brush in the shower.

How does dry brushing result in glowing skin? 

Dry brushing removes dead skin and opens the pores for effective elimination of toxins from the body resulting in clearer skin, free of inflammation or congestion. It stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow, helps reduce water retention, removes waste from fat tissue and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Happy Dry Brushing in February! See you next month with your next months tip.



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