Kahina's Moroccan Beldi Soap - available in Canada at ORESTA

Just launched and now available in Canada at ORESTA.

Beldi means traditional or authentic in Morocco. 

Bring the traditional Moroccan Hammam home and enjoy an unique beauty ritual with Kahina's Beldi soap (Savon Noir): a traditional skin softening treatment imported direct from Morocco.

This beautiful black gel-like soap is made from saponified olive oil and eucalyptus oil It acts in place of a soap or shower gel, as a preparation for skin exfoliation or as a body masque. The soap is hydrating, energizing and naturally rich in vitamin E. 


• To cleanse: Massage a tablespoon of Beldi soap onto your skin or washcloth in the bath or shower and rinse off.

• For skin cleansing and softening : After 5-10 minutes in bath, shower or steam, massage a tablespoon of Beldi soap onto your skin and leave on for up to 10 minutes. Follow with an exfoliation or not. For best results, exfoliate with Kahina's Moroccan Kessa Glove and rinse. Your skin will be soft and silky smooth.

Kahina's Beldi Soap is presently available exclusively in Canada at ORESTA.
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