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Introducing Laurel Sun Damage Repair Facial | Laurel Holistic Facial EXTENDED

If given the proper nourishment and care, skin is capable of repairing itself.

Introducing Laurel's Sun Damage Repair Facial: a unique, results-oriented Vitamin C treatment that promotes skin regeneration on a cellular level to achieve brightness and radiance. Laurel Whole Plant Organic Skin Care macerates red raspberry seed, carrot seed and cranberry seed into jojoba oil to create serums and balms that offer natural sun protection, support and nourishment for the skin.

The facial integrates the powerful energy of whole organic plants to correct and strengthen the skin. Scarlet pimpernel, licorice, seabuckthorn, chamomille and marshmallow address pigmentation, collagen loss and inflammation. The blend of camu camu, rosehip, gotu kola, calendula, comfrey, and orange peel create a Vitamin C powerhouse that offers an undeniable glow. Red raspberry seed, carrot seed, cranberry seed and jojoba oils strengthen the skin and offer natural sun protection. The essential oil blend of helichryssum, sandalwood + carrot seed regenerate, restore, and revitalize the skin.

The 70 minute treatment involves facial cleansing, a honey berry enzyme exfoliation, extraction, a skin-specific brightening masque, eyebrow clean-up and facial, arm, shoulder, décolleté + foot massage. 

The Laurel Sun Damage Repair Facial treatment will leave your skin invigorated, radiant and glowing.

Laurel Sun Damage Repair Facial 
introductory price
(regular price $160)


Everyone is loving the Laurel Holistic Facial! We knew you would so we have extended our Introductory pricing until June 30th.

The Laurel Holistic Facial is a truly unique treatment integrates the powerful energy of whole organic plants, gemstones and dry brushing to address the needs of your skin, mind, body & spirit.

Laurel WPO (Whole Plant Organics) sources artisan farm-sourced whole plant ingredients with the highest possible organic, biodynamic, raw and unrefined standards. Skin care products created with pure and unadulterated whole plants offer the most powerful results for the skin using bio-available forms of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10 and increasing the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties by up to 40%. Products are hand-crafted-to-order with these potent ingredients to address skin health rather than just treat the symptoms.

To strengthen the potency of this holistic treatment, we incorporate individually selected healing and balancing gemstones to set the intention and direction for your mind and spirit as well as a full body dry brushing to assist in lymphatic flow and to boost circulation. Dry brushing not only exfoliates the skin, it encourage the movement of lymph and blood to help clear built-up toxins which is beneficial in improving the condition of the skin and reducing cellulite.

The Laurel Holistic Facial is a complete skin, mind, body and spirit experience.

Laurel Holistic Facial
EXTENDED introductory price of
(regular price $175*)

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