Introducing the Laurel Holistic Facial

Introducing the Laurel Holistic Facial: a truly unique treatment that integrates the powerful energy of whole organic plants, gemstones and dry brushing to address the needs of your skin, mind, body & spirit.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Skin Care is nutrition for the skin. Eating whole foods that have not been manipulated offer optimum nutrition to the body and similarly, skin care products created with pure and unadulterated whole plants offer the most powerful results for the skin. Laurel WPO sources artisan farm-sourced whole plant ingredients with the highest possible organic, biodynamic, raw and unrefined standards. These fresh, vibrant and powerful plants contain natural forms of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, antioxidants and other beneficial constituents. Laurel WPO incorporates the whole organic plant including the flower, stem and leaf which increases the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potency by 40% compared to chemically derived products. The plant is ground and macerated in jojoba oil for a maximum of three months and then the extract is pressed by hand. Laurel WPO products are all hand-crafted in small batches to order with these potent ingredients to address skin health rather than just treat the symptoms.

To further strengthen the potency of this holistic treatment, we incorporate individually selected healing and balancing gemstones to set the intention and direction for your mind and spirit.

A full body dry brushing is also incorporated into the treatment to assist in lymphatic flow, boost circulation, exfoliate and encourages the movement of lymph and blood to help clear built-up toxins. This is beneficial in improving the condition of the skin and reducing cellulite.

The Laurel Holistic Facial treatment will leave you invigorated, grounded and glowing. 

Experience the Laurel Holistic Facial

at the introductory price until May 31st


(regular price $175)

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